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Linda's Corner Podcast: Hope, Healing, Happiness

In his episode Poonam Bhuchar shares tips on how to overcome emotional pain, how to feel emotionally safe, and how to overcome a victim mentality. Poonam is a successful lawyer and the author of “Safe from the Pain,” She is also a speaker on overcoming trauma and emotional pain in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. She has personally experienced a multitude of painful challenges such as sexual assault, abuse, divorce, attempted suicide, and cultural humiliation. Throughout her journey, she developed the SAFE Method to help others acknowledge, discuss, and grow from their emotional pain

Linda Bjork

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The Mindset Chick

Poonam is an extraordinary woman after surviving sexual assault, multiple suicide attempts and an abusive arranged marriage, she went on to build the life of her dreams after leaving the pain of her past behind. Today she is a successful lawyer with a wonderful family and support system, her life calling is now to aid others with the S.A.F.E. method, a step-by-step system for transcending the darkness of pain. Poonam also has a new book out called Safe From the Pain.


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Breezin' with Bierman

Jody Wood interviews Poonam Bhuchar, author of "Embracing Your Emotional Pain"

Adam Bierman

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Filled Up Cup

"...So safe. I refer to being emotionally safe. The S stands for stop and accept that. You’re in pain. The A stands for accept responsibility for where you are. And the F I refer to three different types of forgiveness, forgiveness of the person you perceive that’s hurt you. Forgiveness of the fact that you feel the universe has dealt you a crappy set of cards, and most importantly, forgiveness of ones self and E I refer to embrace yourself and embrace your journey....."

Ashley Cau, Episode 29: Poonam Bhuchar

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Wellness and Wanderlust

How can we find purpose and meaning in life's most painful moments? This week, we chat with author Poonam Bhuchar all about how we can understand our pain and regain control of our lives. After surviving sexual assault, multiple suicide attempts and an abusive arranged marriage, Poonam created the SAFE Method, a four-step system to help you heal from trauma.

In this episode, Poonam shares her own story and how she reclaimed her power. We talk about the four steps of the SAFE method, how our emotional pain can manifest in the body, ways to overcome the “why me?” mentality, and how we can finally forgive ourselves and heal. It’s an important conversation you won’t want to miss!

Valerie Moses, Episode 72

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Envision Well

In this episode, we are joined by Poonam Bhuchar, life coach, speaker, and author of the award-winning book, "SAFE from the Pain, Out of the Darkness into a Life That’s Free, Happy, and Good".

As someone who struggled with her own emotional pain, Poonam offers wisdom and insight born of learning how to free herself from her pain first. Now, she is dedicated to passing on that knowledge to everyone else. This is one of those must-listen podcasts, we hope you get out of it as much as we did!

S.A.F.E. from Emotional Pain

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A Resilience Project

Surviving sexual assault, attempted suicide, financial loss, and a failed arranged marriage is one thing. Actively processing all that pain is another.

Poonam Bhuchar is the first to admit the healing journey isn’t always easy. But for her, it’s been revolutionary in reclaiming her power and living a fully connected life filled with joy, even in the wake of trauma.

In this episode, Poonam reminds us that when we don’t process our pain, it becomes intergenerational pain. With grace and a message of hope, Poonam walks us through the SAFE method, a model she developed to help us face our emotional turmoil, regain control over our lives, and free ourselves from judgement.

Cindy Thompson, Episode 65

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Stories That Empower

Poonam is a survivor of sexual assault, abuse and the aftermath and cultural humiliation of divorce. Writing about her experiences was one of the hardest things she's ever done. Today, she helps others overcome trauma, to enable them to feel lighter and better. Poonam shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom.

Sean, Episode 229

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Alan Freedman's Podcast

The Emptiness of a Life Lived, in the Rear-View Mirror featuring Author and Attorney Poonam Bhuchar, introducing her Life-Changing Book SAFE From The Pain!

We all have points of pain in our lives, whether emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or sexual, that have for too long, kept us from victoriously moving past them and reaching our summit. It's to that end that this podcast's commitment to you exists. Join me as together, we take A Walk In Progress!

Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU!

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Empowering Female Leaders

You can’t move forward if you live in the past. Join Ulrike Seminati with her guest, Poonam Buchar, as they talk about how to step into your power by embracing your emotional pain as part of you. In this episode, Poonam will share her method SAFE from the Pain to transcend the darkness of pain and illuminate your way to the beautiful life waiting on the other side.

Ulrike Seminati, For Women Who Want To Thrive

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Virtual Interview with Poonam Bhuchar, Author of "SAFE from the pain OUT OF THE DARKNESS INTO A LIFE THAT'S FREE HAPPY AND GOOD"

Join us for this virtual interview featuring Poonam Bhuchar, author and speaker on overcoming trauma and emotional pain in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Moderated by NJ chapter Leader Anu Bhat, Poonam will discuss the SAFE Method she developed to help others acknowledge, discuss, and grow from their emotional pain without stigma or judgment.

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