About Poonam Bhuchar

PPoonam Bhuchar is a speaker on overcoming trauma and emotional pain in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Born and raised in London, she immigrated to the United States at 21 and experienced a multitude of painful challenges such as sexual assault, abuse, and the aftermath and cultural humiliation of divorce.

Throughout her journey, she developed the SAFE Method to help others acknowledge, discuss, and grow from their emotional pain without stigma or judgement.

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After trauma, Poonam Bhuchar reemerged as a survivor and reclaimed her power. In her book,
Safe From The Pain.

Overcoming Trauma

She tells this inspiring story and the transformational SAFE Method will guide you into the light of a prosperous, happy life. She also does speaking at events and coaches others who have been through trauma to live their best lives.

Stop Ignoring Pain

Work through emotions, and regain control.

Learn the impacts of stress from emotional pain

In every aspect of life, including your family, body, and self-worth.

Overcome your victim mindset and accept responsibility

Ownership leads to action.

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