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SAFE from the Pain

Out of the Darkness into a Life That’s Free, Happy, and Good

Surviving sexual assault, attempted suicide, and an arranged marriage is one thing. Processing all that pain so you can live a full life after is something entirely different.
In the shadows of emotional pain, survival can take priority over healing. Lasting reverberations of traumatic experiences can cripple decision-making skills, creep into relationships, and leave scars on the people you love.

Safe From The Pain 2 Book

Peace and empowerment after trauma are possible—when you embrace your pain as part of your story.
After her trauma, Poonam Bhuchar reemerged as a healed survivor and reclaimed her power. Part memoir, part self-help revelation, SAFE from the Pain pairs Bhuchar’s inspiring story with the transformational secret of the SAFE Method to guide you through the darkness of your pain and into the light of a prosperous, happy life.

You’ll learn:

  • Four steps of the SAFE method to stop ignoring pain, work through emotions, and regain control.
  • The impacts of stress from emotional pain on every aspect of life, including your family, body, and self-worth.
  • How to overcome your victim mindset and accept responsibility—because ownership leads to action.
  • Three types of forgiveness for freedom from society’s expectations, cultural beliefs, and your own judgements.
  • Why embracing your journey is essential to happiness, a bigger life purpose, and alignment with your true self.

You can’t move forward if you live in the past. Get SAFE from the Pain to transcend the darkness of pain and illuminate your way to the beautiful life waiting on the other side.

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