Look Back. Heal Forward.

Exhale pain. Inhale peace.

The fresh start you’ve been looking for begins here.

Go from surviving to thriving with Empowerment Coach, Author, & Trauma Survivor, Poonam Bhuchar.

  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Online Course
  • Intensive Trauma
  • Recovery Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements

A Light & Leader to Survivors Everywhere

As Seen on FOX TV

“Poonam has very effectively leveraged her personal life experiences to drive home a recipe for recovery from the trauma from life experiences…”

“…We all should learn how to leverage the SAFE method in all aspects of life… I finally realized this isn’t a “me” thing…..rather – [Poonam] gave me a solution – an outlook – [Poonam] gave me support!”

“…I look forward to hearing her speak, sharing more about the method and even hope she will have workshops…”

You Don’t Have to Hide From Your Pain.

Our trauma doesn’t go away, even when we run from it.
It sits there, festering, creeping its way into everything we love, from our relationships, careers, life decisions, and mental health.
It’s only when we embrace our pain that we free ourselves from it.
Own your story. Step into the light and dark parts of yourself.

That’s when we finally find healing.

  • Peace
  • Purpose
  • Relief

Transform Your Pain into Personal Power with the SAFE Method.

Poonam Bhuchar is a survivor of emotional pain, trauma, sexual assault, abuse, and cultural humiliation.
It was only when she discovered the SAFE method that she began to heal and reclaim her power:
  • Stop & Acknowledge Your Pain
  • Accept Responsibility for Your Life.
  • Forgive Yourself, Others, & the Universe.
  • Embrace Your Complete, True Self.


Rewrite Your Life Story. Reclaim Your Power. Renew Your Spirit.
You don’t have to go through this alone. Let’s heal together.

Empowerment Coaching

8 Sessions – $2,500
Together, we’ll work through the SAFE method, tailored to your unique experiences. We’ll find the way through your darkness and into the light of healing and empowerment.

Group Coaching

6 90-Minute Sessions – $1,500
Join a community of fellow survivors in a safe space. We’ll navigate the SAFE method together, supporting and celebrating each other along the way.

Online Course: SAFE From the Pain

Coming Soon
Access the transformative power of the SAFE method from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Finally, learn how to recover from emotional trauma and begin your journey toward healing.

Intensive Trauma Recovery Workshops

Immerse yourself in a safe, supportive environment, unwind the trauma of the past, and pave the way for a brighter future.

Speaking Engagements

Hear Poonam Bhuchar’s inspiring story and learn about the transformative power of the SAFE method. Empower your audience to take back control of their lives, turn their pain into purpose, and heal forward.

Meet Poonam Bhuchar.

Poonam Bhuchar is a survivor and symbol of hope for individuals seeking strength in the face of trauma.

Her inspiring journey is explored in her transformative SAFE Method. It illuminates the path to healing and invites others to embrace their own profound transformation.
Through her life-changing trauma recovery coaching, courses, workshops, and speeches, Poonam leads trauma survivors on a path to reclaim their power and finally live their best lives.